Cowley County Sheriff’s Record for October 4, 2017

October 4

Cattle out in the 2000 block of US 166

Alarm in the 7000 block of 222nd Road

Cattle out in the 6000 block of 322nd Road

Animal welfare check in the 21000 block of Hoover Road

Motorist assist in the 11000 block of US 77

Reckless driver in the area of the 7000 block of 21st Road. Sheriff’s Deputy stopped the vehicle in the 13000 block of 21st Road and the driver, Nicole Hinnenkamp was arrested for driving under the influence and transported to the Cowley County Jail.

Other Activity for the Period: Sheriff’s Office Statistics Civil Process Papers Served: 17 Accidents Investigated: 0 Traffic Citations Issued: 1 Traffic Warnings Issued: 1 Jail Statistics Inmates Received: 11 Current Population: 103