Cowley County Sheriff’s Record for November 6-7, 2017

November 6

Goats in the roadway in the 3000 block of 252nd Road

Motorist assist in the 6000 block of K15

Check welfare in the 17000 block of 65th Road

Domestic disturbance in the 15000 block of 103rd Drive. Determined to be verbal only

Criminal Damage to Property report filed in Atlanta

Motorist assist in the 21000 block of US 77

Car vs Deer in the 26000 block of US 166 HWY

Drunk driver reported in the 11000 block of 102nd Rd in a maroon SUV

Vehicle check in the 15000 block of 21st Rd

Suspicious person reported in the 1000 block of K15 HWY

Juvenile runaway reported 21000 block of Hoover Ave

November 7

Vehicle check at Coop in Burden

Car vs Deer in the 25000 block of 141st Rd

Other Activity for the Period: Sheriff’s Office Statistics Civil Process Papers Served: 22 Accidents Investigated: 2 Traffic Citations Issued: 2 Traffic Warnings Issued: 1 Jail Statistics Inmates Received: 12 Current Population: 108