Recycling program is started at local jail

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By Shane Farley
January 30, 2017 - 1:49:37 pm
Maggie Adams, left, and Capt. Janet Gardner.
Courtesy photo

The Cowley County Sheriff’s office recently started a recycling program.

New sheriff David Falletti said he was approached by county jail administrator Janet Gardner, who was interested in recycling some of the trash generated by the jail.

The jail has about 80 inmates per day and thus the kitchen produces most of the sheriff’s department’s trash. Falletti said the program simply required a separate dumpster for recyclables and about $20 a month, or so, in extra cost.

Employees simply have to separate recyclables from the other trash.

“Janet felt like it was something that was important to do, and something we could do for minimal cost, and I agreed,” Falletti said. “So I’m happy to see us doing it.”

Falletti credited Capt. Gardner and kitchen manager Maggie Adams for researching and launching the program.

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