Cowley County Sheriff’s Report for February 9, 2017

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February 15, 2017 - 7:42:51 pm

February 9

Citizen reported a loud noise in the area of the 3000 block of 51st Road.  A Sheriff’s Deputy checked the area.

Sheriff’s Deputy was disapatched to the area of the 19000 block of 151st road for the report of a vehicle theft.

Sheriff’s Deputy was dispatched to the 22000 bock of 71st Road to speak with an individual in reference to a domestic issue

Sheriff’s Deputy was dispatched to the 12000 block of 71st Road for an alarm

Sheriff’s Deputy checked on a report of cattle in the roadway in the 10000 block of 262nd Road

Sheriff’s Deputy checked the area of 71st and 33rd Road for an injued deer

Sheriff’s Deputy was dispatched to the 7000 block of 222nd Road for an alarm call

Sheriff’s Deputy responded to an injured deer report in the 17000 block of US 160.

Deputy checked on an open gate in the 12000 block of 132nd Road

Sheriff’s Deputy provided a motorist assist in the area of 71st and Highway 166

Sheriff’s Deputy responded to a car versus Semi-truck accident in the 22000 block of K15 Highway.  

Other Activity for the Period: Sheriff’s Office Statistics Civil Process Papers Served: 4 Accidents Investigated: 1 Traffic Citations Issued: 2 Traffic Warnings Issued: 2 Jail Statistics Inmates Received: 6 Current Population: 93

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