Ice machine culprit may face criminal charge

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By Shane Farley
May 8, 2008 - 6:09:17 pm

A Winfield High School student ? disciplined for pouring urine into an ice machine ? could face criminal charges on top of the punishment the school already has dished out, school district and law enforcement officials said.

The 18-year-old male student has not been identified by name but school district officials said he admitted to putting urine in a machine that produced ice used at a tennis match.

The student is a senior and not expected to return to school this year, according to district spokesperson KayLynn Smith.

Seniors have only a few days left in the school year.

Smith could not say whether the student ? who was presumably eligible to graduate ? would be allowed to participate in upcoming commencement activities. That decision would be made by the school board, which could discuss the issue when they meet Monday.

"But I'm not sure we'll make any announcement about any decision they make," Smith said.

Police have confirmed they are looking into the ice machine incident. Eric Jarvis, a Winfield police officer on duty at the high school, was consulted during the investigation and because he was at the school would have been involved almost from the beginning, Smith said.

Attempts to contact Jarvis were not successful, but a spokesperson for the police department said information was being gathered. The findings would be forwarded to county attorney Christopher Smith who would make a final decision on any criminal charges.

Christopher Smith said he received a report on the incident Thursday but has not had time to review it. He did not address the ice machine case specifically but said similar crimes might draw a charge of criminal threat or threatening the food supply.

KayLynn Smith did not have any information in regard to criminal charges but did say the 18-year-old student was not arrested Monday after admitting to tainting the ice machine.

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