Cowley jail inmate found hiding in an attic

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By NewsCow staff
July 2, 2008 - 12:37:33 pm

It's doubtful anyone will accuse Christopher Montgomery ? a Cowley County jail inmate who skipped out on his work release assignment nearly a week ago ? of being a master of disguise.

"Officers saw some footprints in the house leading to an attic," Undersheriff Don Read said. "They went up there and saw a lump under some insulation. It was Montgomery, and he surrendered."

Winfield Police and Cowley County Sheriff's officers found the 24-year-old inmate hiding in a home at 1313 Andrews Tuesday. He was arrested without incident and returned to the custody of the jail around 6 p.m.

Read said information that led to the arrest came via a CrimeStoppers tip. Officers secured the premises at Andrews and called the person who rents the home to ask for consent to search the premises.

The renter told investigators that Mongtomery had been at house until the renter read news reports of Montgomery leaving work release.

"He found out about Montgomery's situation and said he had asked him to leave," Read said. "When we asked if Montgomery was in there, he replied ?he better not be.'"

Montgomery had been in jail since April 4 and was serving time for two misdemeanor probation violations and a failure to appear in Arkansas City municipal court. He has been participating in the work release program since May 13.

He left his job at Winfield Cleaners to go to lunch Friday and did not return.

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