Smith: Quarter-pusher machines have to go

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By Shane Farley
November 13, 2009 - 2:34:31 pm

Cowley County Attorney Chris Smith says he's putting out a letter to law enforcement agencies in the county about the need to remove quarter-pushing machines from area businesses.

"They're illegal in Kansas," Smith says. "Businesses need to know that and just git rid of them."

Quarter-pusher machines give participants a chance to win money by dropping a quarter in a slot and using it to push other quarters closer to the edge of a playing surface. When the money near the edge is pushed far enough, quarters will fall into a chute to be collected as a prize by the player.

The Kansas Racing and Gaming Commission ? in information available online ? says the machines are illegal by state statute. Quarter-pusher games are also considered gray machines by the gaming commission, which means it's a felony to offer one up for use by the public.

Smith says a business selling beer or liquor could lose their license for having a machine on the premises. Other administrative licenses could also be jeopardized, according to the state.

Use of the quarter-pushers had dipped not long ago but has started back on the upswing, Smith says. There have been some citizen reports about the machines showing up around the county which prompted the county attorney to consider writing letters.

The prosecution of such cases is usually left to the gaming commission.

"I've never prosecuted a quarter-pusher case myself," Smith says.

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