AC dentist back in jail; bond rules are dropped

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By Shane Farley
September 28, 2012 - 1:23:01 pm

Ark City dentist Dr. John Seitz was back in jail Friday following his arrest for violating bond conditions in the protection-from-stalking cases filed against him.

Court officials said Seitz will spend 24 hours in jail before being released. He was jailed around 9 a.m. because he unplugged a monitoring device in place at his home.

Once he is out of jail, Seitz will no longer be required to wear a GPS monitoring device and other restrictions of his bond have been lifted, according to Cowley County attorney Christopher Smith. The bond restrictions were lifted at the request of the woman who originally filed for the protection order.

Seitz was not scheduled to be back in court until October, but there were developments in the case that led to a court appearance this week.

Smith said that his office protested the lifting of the restrictions, however they were removed by a judge.

Seitz was arrested because he unplugged the GPS monitoring equipment prior to his court appearance. He likely did that in anticipation the restrictions were going to be removed, Smith said.

Seitz was arrested twice this summer for violating a protection from stalking order issued by the court. He posted $10,000 bond and was released from jail.

He is represented by Ark City attorney Rod Iverson.

The woman with the protective order is a potential witness in an investigation of Seitz.

Authorities have searched Seitz’s home and office and an investigation is ongoing, officials said. It is not clear if or when formal charges might be filed.


Mandi Rosenquist contacted NewsCow on Friday to say that she is the woman who asked that the bond restrictions be lifted in the Seitz case.

She did so, she said, because Seitz had been calling her or otherwise contacting her and asking her to lift them.

“He was calling and trying to persuade me,” Rosenquist, who has been in an on-again, off-again relationship with Seitz, said. “I got sick of him calling and begging me.”

“I want out of all of this. I want it over.”

Rosenquist said more than anything she asked the restrictions be lifted to spare Seitz’s family further embarrassment. It was clear, she said, that his family was suffering and Rosenquist doesn’t want that.

She said she decided to sign a paper asking for the restrictions to be lifted after being in contact with Seitz and his attorney.

Rosenquist, who recently has moved away from this area, said she originally pursued a protection order through the courts because Seitz and another woman were bothering her. She hasn’t pursued any criminal charges against the dentist, she said.

Rosenquist added that she did not feel the restrictions were doing much good anyway, because Seitz continued to contact her. Investigators knew she was in contact with him in person and by phone, and did not take action, she said.

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