Man with gun is arrested at local hospital Sat.

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By Shane Farley
November 3, 2012 - 4:04:21 pm

A man has been arrested and an investigation is continuing into an incident - involving a gun - that occurred at William Newton Hospital in Winfield Saturday morning.

Around 9:30 a.m., the hospital was placed under heightened security and an “active shooter” warning was announced over the public address system, according to witnesses at the hospital. The incident ended a short time later when the suspect was taken into custody.

Few details of the incident were immediately available, though no injuries were reported.

A source told NewsCow that a man known to police entered the hospital, possibly under the influence of drugs, with a gun in his possession. The man, according to the source, did not brandish the weapon but security was heightened as a precaution.

Dick Vaught, CEO at the hospital, confirmed to a reporter that an incident had occurred. He declined an opportunity for further comment and directed additional questions to the Winfield Police Dept.

An investigator there said the incident remained under investigation and that additional information would be available Monday.

The suspect spent time at the hospital before being taken to jail, according to information from the scene. He is facing gun-related charges in connection with the incident.

The suspect is said to be a previously-convicted felony offender. His name has not been made public so far.

KSOK’s Blake Carter contributed to this report.

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