Base fired as director at CC Mental Health

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By Shane Farley
December 6, 2012 - 11:39:27 am

Brad Base has been fired from his job as executive director at Cowley County Mental Health and Counseling Center.

In an interview with NewsCow, Base said he was terminated at a special meeting of the mental health board Wednesday evening. He has served in that position since fall of 2011 when he replaced Linda Young as part of an organizational shakeup.

“I’m devastated,” Base said. “This was a mistake and I have paid dearly for it.”

Base acknowledged withholding potentially detrimental financial news from the board at a meeting last week. He said he did so so that he could speak directly with the board’s president the following day.

Base said he worried that a specific board member - who he said had a history of reacting poorly to such news - might overreact.

We will post a full story soon and we’re seeking comment from Cowley County officials and board members.

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