Neives owner closes bar, eatery in Wellington

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By Tracy McCue, Sumner NewsCow
December 26, 2012 - 10:44:51 pm

The Rock Steakhouse and Clubhouse 3 Nightclub closed their doors for good this week, ending a 14-month business venture in Wellington which reopened the old Wellington Steakhouse facility temporarily.

Tudy McCreary said a lack of business was the main reason for the closure. She will continue to operate Neives Mexican Restaurant on E. Ninth in Winfield.

The Wellington Steakhouse and Steakhouse Motel business closed abruptly in the summer of 2010 after approximately 15 years of business in the building of the former Western Sizzlin, which burned in 1993.

McCreary, who once owned a restaurant called Cornejo’s in downtown Wellington, told in the summer of 2011 that community leaders in Wellington approached her about opening the restaurant at the motel- which has long been home of a popular banquet hall, steakhouse and a bar once called the Roundup Room.

She along with her nephew, former Detroit Tigers pitcher Nate Cornejo, opened the facility in September of 2011 after renovating the building.

The new restaurant featured more upscale American food. McCreary said she didn’t want to go with Mexican food as it would be competition to her other restaurant in Winfield.

Despite her success with the two previous restaurants, this restaurant struggled to catch hold she said. In November, she launched a new menu for Fridays and Saturdays with The Chefs of Sysco.

However on Dec. 22 she officially announced the closing of both businesses.

“We’ll sell off the equipment,” McCreary said.

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