AC will pay $283,000 judgement by Dec. 31

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By Shane Farley and Brett Coplen
December 28, 2012 - 6:15:41 pm

Ark City commissioners said Friday they will pay Trence Robinson - who won a recent judgement in a federal discrimination lawsuit - rather than appeal the case.

Robinson will be paid $283,000 in accordance with the terms of the decision made in his favor. Of that, $200,000 will come from the city sanitation fund and $83,000 will come from the water fund.

The payment will be made to Robinson, who remains an employee in the city’s sanitation department, by Dec. 31.

City officials stressed that property tax funds will not pay any portion of the payment.

In addition, the city’s insurance company will pay $1 million in attorneys’ fees associated with the case.

City officials said they decided against further pursuing the case because the judge’s ruling made it clear that the chances of winning an appeal were not good. Interest would also continue to accrue on the judgement while the city appealed the case.

In the suit, Robinson said he was promoted to the position of sanitation foreman in 2007 and assumed supervisory duties. However, he was never classified and paid in accordance with his new position.

Robinson made claims against the city for race discrimination under Title VII of the U.S. Civil Rights Act.

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