CCMH granted credit line; Not needed so far

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By Shane Farley
January 29, 2013 - 3:55:20 pm

Cowley County Mental Health and Counseling Center has a $200,000 line of credit with the county that is in place to help the mental health organization avoid future cash flow issues.

County administrator Jeremy Willmoth said this week that he advised commissioners to approve the line as a method for quickly getting cash to the organization when needed. In December, the county had to make advanced payments to mental health so employees could be paid.

There was concern that could happen again in January, which prompted the move to create the credit line. Commissioners had worried that a switch to KanCare, the new system for paying Kansas health care providers, might have created a delay.

Willmoth said having a set amount of credit established would eliminate the need for commissioners to meet each time to approve such expenditures. If a payment is needed it would be reported to commissioners and the public, he said.

But Cowley mental health generated enough revenue to avoid using the credit line to this point.

County officials said any use of the credit line would be in the form of short term payments expected to be repaid quickly - probably within 10 days or less.

Mental health board members are exploring ways to cut costs and improve efficiencies that led to a cash crunch late last year. Those problems caused board members to fire executive director Brad Base.

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