Sheriff asks for help, diligence to stop burglars

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By Shane Farley
February 13, 2013 - 11:56:15 am

Authorities are asking for help from the public to help curb, or possibly identify suspects in, a recent rash of burglaries in Cowley County.

In the past month, nine burglaries have occurred mostly in the northern part of the county, Sheriff Don Read said. Investigators think at least some, if not most of the burglaries are the work of the same suspect or suspects.

Items taken include, cameras, computers, computer equipment, TVs, gaming devices, power tools, hand tools and jewelry.

Residents are being asked to call the sheriff’s department if you observe a vehicle that is strange to your area, especially if you know the owners of a residence to be at work or otherwise gone.

If a vehicle seems to be driving around an area aimlessly, call those in, too, Read said.

Residents are asked to get a description of the vehicle and its occupants without making contact with the person or people. If the situation warrants an immediate response, dial 911.

Investigators are particularly interested in anyone who has had an unknown subjects knocking on their door. The suspects in some of these cases are believed to be knocking, then kicking or forcing a door open if no one is home.

Residents are advised to write down the make, model and serial numbers of all valuables and secure them in a safe place. Items with full information provided can be entered into a national crime database and compared against Pawn Shop lists.

If an item is lacking a serial number, you should photograph it and mark it in an inconspicuous area.

Report any odd or suspicious behavior to the sheriff’s dept. at 221-5444, so it can be checked out.

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