Winfield man jailed for making phony fire call

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By Shane Farley
March 27, 2013 - 7:31:06 am

A Winfield man was arrested Sunday after he said to have used an unorthodox method for getting prompt help with a water leak in his home.

Police said Christopher Campbell called in around 2 a.m. to report his residence - in the 600 block of E. 17th - was on fire. Only one problem, there was no fire.

Campbell had been drinking, according to police chief Danny Parker, and thought calling in the fire alarm would help him get city repair crews to his home more quickly. Instead, he was arrested for creating a false alarm.

He posted $1,000 bond and was later released.

Police said Campbell’s call put emergency responders at risk because he called and created an emergency situation at a time when the weather was bad and roads were slick.

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