Cowley Trustees; Winfield AC schools races

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By Shane Farley
April 3, 2013 - 1:16:47 am

In the race for Cowley College Trustee, Brian Sanderholm, Bob Juden, Dennis Shurtz and Ned Graham have won terms.

Sanderholm 1,950 votes; Juden 1,640; Shurtz 1,504; Graham 1,422; Barbara Booher 1,337; Albert Bacastow Jr. 1,336; Clayton Soule 967 and Mark Speck 704.

Julie Albright Thompson, Gail Sawyer and Cheri Hulse were unofficial top vote getters in the race for the Winfield School Board.

Thompson had 1,102 votes, Sawyer had 1,053, Hulse had 547 and David Hofmeister had 545. Mike Rozell had 446 votes.

Aaron Watters, Joe Woodard and and Darren Reese have won three seats on the Ark City School board.

Watters had 1,055 votes, Woodard had 1,041, Reese 948, Vivian Velasquez 725 and Tyson Johnson 409.

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