Driver spots long missing trailer on local Hwy

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By Shane Farley
April 29, 2013 - 1:30:31 pm

An observant motorist Sunday night helped Cowley County authorities track down a trailer the motorist had reported stolen four months earlier.

Around 6:05 p.m., the unidentified driver called to say he was following a truck and trailer on U.S. 77 Highway north of Winfield. The vehicle was stopped and sheriff deputies confirmed the trailer belonged to the man calling in the report.

Further investigation led to the arrest of Isaac Ray Hutchinson, 24, Ark City, who was found to be driving on a suspended license. He was driving the vehicle that had been pulling the trailer.

He posted bond of $1,500 and was released from jail.

So far, no charges have been brought in regard to the theft of the trailer and that matter remains under investigation, authorities said Monday.

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