Attempted murder: Man goes to prison afterall

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By Shane Farley
April 30, 2013 - 9:35:06 am

Jonathan D. Hughes - a 24 year-old Wichita man convicted of attempted second degree murder in Cowley County last year - has violated his probation and will be sent to prison.

Last spring, Winfield Judge Nick St. Peter responded to pleas from Hughes' family that the man be given a lenient sentence. He was sentenced to three years probation with an underlying 59-month prison month, should he violate that probation.

Last month, he was arrested for failing to comply with terms of sentencing.

St. Peter ordered Hughes probation revoked last week and he will be taken into the custody of the Kansas Dept. of Corrections to serve prison time. With time already served and credit for good behavior, Hughes could be out in three to four years.

Late on July 16 and early the morning of July 17, 2011, Hughes drove with his mother, Karen Fuller, into a rural part of the county east of Winfield. At times he held his mother at gunpoint and threatened her.

He fired a shot at Fuller that the woman testified was close enough to heat her face and cause a temporary loss of hearing in her ear. Fuller escaped, ran for about a mile and called authorities.

Hughes crashed his vehicle in Winfield and was then arrested.

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