Cowley College releases contract info for prez

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By Shane Farley
June 3, 2013 - 4:22:26 pm

Cowley College has released contract and salary information for new school president N. Clark Williams.

Williams is to be on the job by July 8 of this year. He is replacing Dr. Pat McAtee, who retired in December.

Williams was hired last month after a search panel interviewed three candidates and brought them to Ark City to visit the facilities. The collegeís board of trustees voted 5-1 to approve the contract with Williams.

Trustee Jim Ramirez voted against the hire because of an issue with the contract. He would not elaborate on what the issue was and said Williams was the candidate he supported.

Williams currently is president and COO for Blue Mountain Community College, in Pendleton, Ore.

NewsCow and KSOK Radio submitted a request for details of the contract and were provided with the information below:

The Board agrees to employ the President for a three-year period commencing July 8, 2013 to July 7, 2016.

The Board, in consideration of the performance of these duties, agrees to compensate the President as follows:

a. A salary of $156,000 per annum, which shall be payable in equal monthly installments in accordance with the Boardís policy.

b. An automobile allowance of $500 per month, plus reimbursement for automobile mileage at the prevailing IRS rate for official travel.

c. Reimbursement of expenses incurred for relocation, moving, temporary housing and other reasonable and related expenses, upon approval by the Board.

d. Executive leave allotment of 10 days per year, which can be used for any purpose and will not carry over from one year to the next.

e. Cowley will pay expenses incurred by the President related to his public duties and his institution and community leadership responsibilities including activities such as but not limited to:

(1) Meals and related expenses or non-alcoholic refreshments and food served when conducting business with citizens; member of boards, commissions, task forces, or local government officials, or college employees.

(2) Meals and related expenses or non-alcoholic refreshments and food served at receptions where service awards are presented, or retiring employees are honored, or new/departing employees are welcomed/bade farewell, or similar events that affect employee morale.

(3) Individual membership in a private club or organization or professional association when it will be used for a public purpose and it is in support of the Presidentís position within the college.

The president shall be entitled to health insurance, sick leave, vacation leave, KPERS, and other employee benefits as prescribed and promulgated by the rules, regulations and policies of the Board.

The Board may terminate the President at any time without cause and all rights, dues and obligations of both parties shall cease as of termination, except that the President will receive his base salary, retirement and health insurance benefits for the month of termination and for a period of 12 months thereafter, or for the remaining term of the contract, whichever is less.

The 12 months continuation of salary and benefits does not apply if the contract is terminated for cause.

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