Testimony heard in effort to hospitalize felon

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By Shane Farley
June 12, 2013 - 2:52:37 am

Legal proceedings concluded Tuesday for 50-year-old convicted felon William M. Quary, a man Cowley County prosecutors want involuntarily committed to a state mental health facility.

Testimony wrapped in the afternoon and presiding Winfield Judge Nick St. Peter set a date of June 24 for his decision. County attorney Chris Smith, though, said a ruling could come earlier than that.

Just two witnesses were called in an effort to convince the court Quary is a sexually violent offender.

Quary, who is listed as a resident of Lee's Summit, Mo., is currently being held by court order in the Cowley County Jail. He had been in prison since 1981 for an aggravated battery conviction but he is reaching the end of his sentence.

The case is a civil court proceeding, however criminal courts Judge St. Peter is presiding because of the criminal aspects of Quary’s case.

During testimony, Quary was described as a sexual deviant who turned to crime at a young age. At age 7 he burned down a vacant home. By 12, he robbed a filling station and two years later he lured his mother’s friend into his family’s home in an attempt to sexually assault her.

In 1989, while an inmate at Winfield Correctional Facility, Quary escaped from custody.

He was convicted of hiding under a tarp in the bed of a pickup truck belonging to a female corrections officer at the prison. After they arrived at the woman’s residence, Quary broke in and attempted to rape her.

He also was disciplined multiple times for lewd acts while in prison.

Prosecutors want him committed to a state hospital under a Kansas law that allows sexually dangerous offenders to be held beyond their release dates.

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