300 weather radios to be distributed for free

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By Shane Farley
June 12, 2013 - 3:05:28 am

Cowley County Emergency Management has purchased 300 severe weather radios that it plans to give away free to local residents.

Next week, emergency management officials will begin a series of informational presentations, after which radios will be distributed. Presentations are scheduled for Cambridge, Atlanta, Udall, Burden, Dexter, Winfield and Ark City through the end of June.

Events in Parkerfield and Tisdale will be scheduled at a later date.

FEMA and state rules require that anyone receiving a radio live in Cowley County and be over the age of 18. One radio can be distributed per household.

Anyone who already has a radio is invited bring it to a presentation so that it can be properly programmed.

If you have questions regarding the presentation location, please contact a member of the Cowley County Emergency Management team at 620 221-0470 or 620 441-4569.

Presentations have been scheduled for the following towns:

Monday, June 17 Cambridge, 7 PM, First Presbyterian Church

Tuesday, June 18 Atlanta, 6:30 PM, Atlanta Fire Station

Wednesday, June 19 Udall, 6:30 PM, City Building @ 110 S. Main

Thursday, June 20 Burden, 7 PM, City Hall

Tuesday, June 25 Dexter, 6:30 Location TBA

Wednesday, June 26 Winfield, 6:30 PM, Chamber of Commerce Meeting Room

Thursday, June 27 Arkansas City, 7 PM, SCKMC Conference Room

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