Judge: Inmate is a sexually violent predator

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By Shane Farley
June 17, 2013 - 10:23:54 pm

A Winfield Judge Friday ruled that 50-year-old William M. Quary is a sexually violent predator and ordered him involuntarily committed to a state mental health facility in Larned.

Earlier this week, during a civil court proceeding, Cowley County attorney Chris Smith presented testimony in an effort to keep Quary from being released into the community. He will remain hospitalized for treatment until he is deemed safe for release.

Quary had been in prison since 1981 on an aggravated battery charge. He escaped in 1989 and was later convicted of additional crimes in connection with the escape and the attempted rape of a female corrections officer.

Quary’s sentence was coming to an end, however, and prosecutors had him held by court order in the county jail until this ruling could be made.

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