Friends find body of young adult in AC trailer

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By Shane Farley
June 25, 2013 - 9:11:42 pm

An autopsy has been ordered for a man whose body was found in a trailer home near the corner of 7th and Washington in Ark City Tuesday, police Lt. Mark McCaslin said.

The man was removed from the residence just after 6 p.m. Friends found his body and contacted authorities.

So far there is no reason to suspect anything suspicious regarding the manís death. McCaslin said it is believed he died of natural causes.

However, the deceased was a young adult and because of that, an autopsy was ordered.

The sight of men in Tyvek suits in the area of the home captured the attention of neighbors and passers by. McCaslin said the men were dressed in that manner because the body had begun to decompose and not because of any concerns regarding drugs.

It is believed the man was dead for at least two days prior to being found.

His name has not been made public, thus far.

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