Burden Fourth fire could be fireworks related

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By Shane Farley
July 8, 2013 - 12:21:26 am

Fireworks could be to blame for a fire that destroyed an old, unoccupied home southwest of Burden on July 4.

Fire crews were called to the Schooley residence at 12267 U.S. Highway 160 around 6 p.m. An old farmhouse was engulfed in flames.

Capt. Dan McClaskey, with Cowley County Rural Fire Dist. 3, said the home was not the family’s residence. It was a house that could no longer be occupied and was used for shop and storage space.

The structure had little value, however tools and other items inside were valued at $10,000.

Atlanta, Cambridge and Winfield assisted Burden firefighters. Crews were at the scene for over two hours.

McClaskey said the fire could be fireworks or electrical related. Children had been shooting fireworks, under supervision, earlier in the day.

“A lot of things are pointing to it being possibly firework related,” he said.

One Burden firefighter was treated for heat-related symptoms and is recovering.

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