Young horse carcass dumped outside landfill

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By Shane Farley
October 16, 2013 - 9:44:27 pm

It’s prompted a couple calls from concerned citizens, but so far whoever dumped the carcass of a young horse at the Cowley County Landfill, is not in any trouble, authorities said Wednesday.

Sheriff Don Read said his office was contacted Monday evening regarding the animal being dumped outside the landfill. A resident had made arrangements to take the animal to the landfill, but showed up after hours.

Instead the animal was dumped nearby and landfill workers later disposed of it.

“I think the better decision would have been to go home and come back the next day,” Read said. “But that’s not what happened.”

No criminal charges are being pursued at this point.

Normally the site of a carcass might not draw much attention. This animal, though, appeared to be a young colt, partially eviscerated and still wearing a halter.

One caller to KSOK Radio was concerned about the possibility young children saw it before it could be removed from plain sight.

A photo was submitted to KSOK by email. The decision has been made not to post that photo.

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