CCMH counsel Giles given termination notice

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By Shane Farley
December 28, 2013 - 4:35:42 pm

Chad Giles - attorney for the board of directors at Cowley County Mental Health and Counseling Center - has been notified his services are no longer needed.

The board recently voted to give Giles the 90-day termination notice that his contract requires. Giles confirmed he had been notified of the decision but had little else to say about the situation.

His most recent contract extended his termination notice to 90 days from 30 days.

“I may have a lot to say, I may not have much to say at all,” he said in a short conversation with NewsCow. “The ball is in their court. Now it depends on how they hit it back.”

Giles was hired by a board that has since been disbanded and replaced by Cowley County Commissioners, who are spending the next six months serving in an interim role. Commissioners dismantled the board after leadership issues developed in the fall.

On Tuesday, commissioners will discuss adding five more members to the mental health board to address concerns that thorough representation is lacking.

Giles makes just under $30,000 in position as attorney for the board. It is unclear what services he will provide during his final three months on the job.

Cowley County Mental Health’s day-to-day operations are currently being overseen by Mike Alford, of Four County Mental Health, who is executive director on an interim basis. He is in Cowley County three days a week.

The county is considering contracting with Four County or Butler County Mental Health to oversee mental health services long-term, according to county administrator Jeremy Willmoth. It’s also possible Cowley mental health could become a non-profit and continue to operate independently.

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