AC Paw Shop owner accused of pulling gun

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By Shane Farley
January 24, 2014 - 1:09:17 pm

The operator of Sheldon’s Paw Shop in Ark City was arrested Thursday after visitors to the business said he brandished a revolver and threatened to shoot them with it.

80-year-old William W. Sheldon is facing charges that could include aggravated assault and criminal threat. Sheldon was allowed to sign a property bond of $20,000 - an amount determined by a district court judge - to secure his release.

“We did not do it,” Sheldon told KSOK and NewsCow by phone this morning. “So we’re innocent.”

Around 10:50 a.m., police investigators were first dispatched to Sheldon’s Paw Shop, in the 200 block of E. Madison, for a theft report.

Sheldon told police that a woman had stolen a chainsaw from his business. She is said to have returned the item prior to officers arriving.

The suspect in the theft remained at the shop until police arrived.

She was placed under arrest and transported to the Ark City Police Dept. There she told police about the incident involving the firearm and said Sheldon showed she and her husband that it was loaded.

Sheldon is said to have waved the gun around and made threats.

Around 1:20 p.m. the same day, police made contact with Sheldon, who they say was in possession of a handgun matching the description given by the couple. He was then arrested.

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