Authorities ID Man Whose Remains Were Found in a Field Near Ark City

Identification has been made for a man whose remains were found Saturday in a field southeast of Ark City.

During a brief press conference held Thursday afternoon, the Cowley County Sheriff’s Dept. identified the man as Hector Saul Huinac-Lucas. His last known address was Ark City in 2015.

An identification was made when Huinac-Lucas’s fingerprints were entered in the AFIS national fingerprint database.

Huinac-Lucas is a Hispanic male approximately 5 feet tall and 120 pounds. His eyes were brown and his hair black. So far, several attempts to contact next of kin have not been successful.

Huinac-Lucas date of birth is Oct. 26 of 1996 or 1993.

Investigators are seeking help from the public in contacting his family and determining when he was last seen alive. The case remains under investigation and a final autopsy report is pending.

Initial findings showed no signs of trauma, though authorities have previously said that decomposition can sometimes make it difficult to know for certain.

The matter remains a death investigation, and not a criminal one, at this point, authorities said. Christina McDonald, of the sheriff’s dept., said anytime remains are found in a rural location it is suspicious.

That is why authorities would like to locate next of kin.

The remains of Huinac-Lucas were discovered by a farmer checking cattle in a field July 29.