Cowley County Sheriff’s Record for October 5-6, 2017

October 5

Reckless driver reported in the 13000 block of US 77

Motorist assist in the 15000 block of US 160

Unattended death in the 20000 block of 81st Road

Request for a welfare check in the 31000 block of 55th Lane

Report of suspicious activity at the Cowley County State Fishing Lake

Motorist assist on the bypass in Arkansas City

Motorist assist in the 32000 block of US 77

Motorist assist near US 77 Bypass and US 77 HWY N. of Ark City

Motorist assist 32000 US 77 HWY

Motorist assist 16000 K15 HWY

Black Dodge Charger w/ red stripes on side attempted to flee or elude Sheriff’s Deputy in the 1300 block of N. 13th in Arkansas City. Driver and occupant(s) fled vehicle on foot. ACPD started receiving reports of people in the area jumping their fences as officers and deputies checked. Inventory was completed on vehicle for tow and a clear plastic bag with marijuana was located inside. Bruton’s towed vehicle and hold will be placed until driver of the vehicle is identified.

Arrested in the 23000 US 77 for driving under the influence, suspended DL, possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia and no ignition interlock device was Elliot Ramirez.

Complaint of kids shooting airsoft guns at their house and dogs in the 100 block of E. 6th St. in Burden. Deputy made contact with kids and their mother and advised them of the consequences they could face for animal cruelty or if they damaged property.

Reckless driver reported in the 1000 block of US 77

Vehicle check 14000 101st Rd 12:08 AM 10/06/2017 Report of vehicle stuck in the ditch in the 11000 block of 282nd

October 6

Arrested in the 12000 block of 221st Rd for driving while suspended was John Pierce.

Other Activity for the Period: Sheriff’s Office Statistics Civil Process Papers Served: 8 Accidents Investigated: 0 Traffic Citations Issued: 4 Traffic Warnings Issued: 2 Jail Statistics Inmates Received: 14 Current Population: 106