USD 465 Releases Contract Details For New District Superintendent Reed

USD 465 Winfield has released contract information for newly hired Superintendent Dr. Nathan Reed. He will begin work with the district July 1 and replaces J.K. Campbell. The contract was released at the request of local media.

Reed’s contract with the district is for two years at an annual salary of $123,000. The agreement runs through June 2020.

Reed’s performance is to be evaluated annually.

He is entitled to 20 days paid vacation and 12 paid sick leave days per year. The district will provide health insurance for Reed.

Reed will receive an annual car allowance of $4,000, term life insurance, and moving fees of $4,000. Half of those moving expenses is paid directly, the other through reimbursement and expenses incurred.

Reed must establish permanent residency within USD 465 and has six months from July 1 to do so.

The district must notify Reed of plans to renew or not renew his contract by March 1 of the year in which the current contract is set to expire.

Reed would owe the district $5,000 if he sought to end the contract before completing two years of service. That payment can be waived by the board.

Reed is currently superintendent for the Fairfield school district.