Cowley County Sheriff’s Record for March 5, 2018

Cowley County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to the 3000 block 151st Rd. suspicious persons in the area. Deputies contacted a male and female who were broke down in a truck. Deputies assisted them in getting their vehicle operable.

Walk-thru at C4 Elementary School.

Pedestrian was given a ride from the Winfield Courthouse to an address in Arkansas City.

Report made for a decal lost in the 13000 block 296th Road.

Walk-thru at IXL Elementary School.

Pedestrian given a ride from the Winfield Courthouse to the Gasino.

Deputy responded to the 28,000 block 31st Rd. for a suspicious vehicle.

Deputy checked a vehicle in the 21000 Blk of 31st Rd. Vehicle was reported to have been there several days and the tag had been removed. Vehicle was off the roadway and returned to an individual out of the Ark City area.

Cowley County Deputies responded to a non-injury accident in the 20000 Blk of US 77 Hwy. Brian Towles Jr. was driving a Toyota Camry north on US 77 when he drove off the roadway and through a fence. Towles was arrested for Driving While Suspended, and Possession of Marijuana. Towles was wearing a seatbelt at the time of the accident.

911 hang-up call was received from the 1000 Blk of 112th Rd. Contact was made with the residence and it was determined to be a misdial.

Sonesiri Phengsenkham was stopped for speeding in the 15000 Blk of 21st Rd. He was found to be driving on an expired driver’s license and was cited.

Deputy responded to a welfare check on an inactive medical alert in the 3000 Blk of 312th Rd. Everything was found to be okay.

Motorist’s assist in the 4000 Blk of 252nd Rd. The vehicle had run out of fuel and they already had help on the way.

Deputy responded to the 32000 Blk of US 77 Hwy for a male walking near the highway. He was located and transported to his home.

Other Activity for the Period:
Sheriff’s Office Statistics
Civil Process Papers Served: 12
Accidents Investigated: 1
Traffic Citations Issued: 3
Traffic Warnings Issued: 5
Jail Statistics
Inmates Received: 7
Current Population: 105